Our 2002 Hylas 46

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our Bahamas time is coming to an end ......

May 6th 
After waiting for a bunch of weather systems to clear out of our path for the past 10 days, the torrential rains and squalls are behind us. Finally we have a plan - pulling out of Nassau Thursday as early as possible for St. Augustine.
Looks like we will be motoring 90% of the way (I should have bought a trawler @(*&^%^*) and hence plan at 6.5 knots for 385 miles which will put us in to St. Augustine Saturday afternoon late if the gulf stream helps us or Sunday morning first thing as I don’t want to do the entrance in the dark.  We will need to clear customs somewhere to get our Homeland Insecurity Cruising License. 

Once they figure out how much work the engine, anchor windlass and SSB radio are, then we will start to plan our trip up the east coast to NYC (800 miles).

It will feel so good to be back in deep waters again after months of sailing along with as little as a foot of water under the keel! 

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