Our 2002 Hylas 46

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We are almost complete with our lists!!!!

Ambition is almost ready for her trip south. Waiting on our rebuilt hatches to come back so that the 5 plywood panels can be removed - will make her just a little bit more like a sailboat. All the safety gear is now on board. Shelburne installed a Garmin chart plotter at the wheel.... a beautiful 12" unit ..... WOW!!! The older 7" unit is now at the navigation table below, as a back-up and also as a repeater for all the other instruments up in the cockpit.
Our appointment to take the mast back down and store it on deck has been booked - a SURE sign that the next voyage south is about to begin ..... we are really getting excited for the blue waters and sandy beaches of the Caribbean.

Maryse is doing a great job finding spots to store what seems like SO MUCH stuff on board the boat. Making room for food, supplies, endless amounts of safety gear a few bottles of wine and a beer or two for the captain! Oh yes ... room for ALL my spare parts and tools!

I still have to complete my installation to be able to send and receive emails by SSB radio at the blistering speed of 54K and how to send updates of our position and speed from the inReach satellite tracker to this blog.

More prep pictures coming soon.....

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