Our 2002 Hylas 46

Saturday, January 14, 2017

All pretty again.......

We we launched Ambition back into the water again on Friday and my my my does she look a LOT prettier than when we took her out!

The bottom has been painted, the hull washed and polished. What a difference a bunch of cash can make! AWESOME.

She is looking good!

So much better than the grass skirt of a few days ago!

Quite the reflection!

Once we were back in water we motored over to the Bight at Normans Island - CLEARLY we have entered high season in the charter business - at 2PM there was barely a mooring ball available! The late arrivers motored around aimlessly expecting an empty mooring ball to pop up from the bottom! Eternal optimists - having hope is good even if fruitless!

I connected the new keel coolers once we got back in the water as per the instructions, with eternal optimism - oh foolish me! OH CRAP ... with the new keep coolers installed and me staring at the digital thermometers - the temperature of both the fridge and the freezer got warmer and warmer ... not a good indication of success! Even when I looked away for 20 minutes the temperature still got warmer! I called the manufacturer in the US and was told that either I connected it incorrectly or "something else went wrong!" No S&%t Sherlock. They did provide the name of their rep here in Tortola which just by coincidence was the same folks that installed the keel coolers.

Fridge Compressor 

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Freezer connections

Keel Cooler through hull fitting. 

A few emails later and we have an appointment back at Nanny Cay on Sunday to have the technician look at the system and provide a solution - my guess is that the freon charge in the keel coolers was missing and once connected there was not sufficient freon for the system to function properly - we will see Sunday! In the mean time we have reverted back to ice blocks! yes indeed - Old School but it does keep the beers cold!

The two days were not a complete waste of time however, as I did knock off one MAJOR job that I have been avoiding for too long .... I disassembled all 8 winches on board, cleaned them with gasoline and greased and oiled all the little parts - amazing what a little lubrication can do to the performance of metal parts! All are so much smoother now! CHECK another thing off the To Do list ..... now if I could just stop adding stuff at a greater speed than I knock them off .... life would be wonderful and I could sit back and swim and sunbath! No I am not complaining - winter here sure beats winter at home!

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