Our 2002 Hylas 46

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Deshaies to Les Saintes

Well we left Deshaies in the rain and overcast skies – a first for us this season - it is still hot and humid though! The shoreline of the western side of Guadeloupe is pretty even without the sunshine. There are beautifully green fields of sugar cane on the hillside – all part of the rum distilleries in the area of Basse-Terre and Riviere Sens.

Fields of sugar cane for the Rum factory

Doesn't get better than this!

Yet again, as we approached the end of the main island of Guadeloupe, the wind started to pick up and within a few minutes we had a great 15 knot wind to sail the remaining 10 miles or so to Les Saintes. But as you know – when the wind comes up often is is not from the direction you need ….. so our little 10 mile destination after completing 4 tacks was  15 miles but ever so pleasant.

Life is good....

It is so nice to see that any damage from hurricane Maria was not substantial. There remain a few yachts up on the beach and some of the palm trees are looking a little bare but new fronds are growing well!

Pain du Sucre

The pleasures of Les Saintes are all still open for us … Maryse made a priority to get to Robbe Staeck (yup it is spelt that way!) – she has been soooooo waiting to pick up some of their pâté. Life is good.

Maryse's sister and brother in law head out for Martinique  onboard Rodignard. 

Maryse has been busy pulling out items from storage that I never knew we had on board… well HoHoHo time on board Ambition!
Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

The ONLY snowflakes for us!

Tuesday it was the end of the line for one sailboat that was blown aground in Maria – when all was said and done, the backhoe won. The sailboat was carted off in pieces to the dump. A sad day for any boat owner.

Wednesday was a day that our plan was to hike up to the Fort Napoleon. Well this plan was put together last evening with friends over accras and wine. This morning at 7:30 it became abundantly clear to me that the plan was made with some important and critical information lacking ….This cruise ship arrived in the bay.

Wind Surf

Twenty minutes later this cruise ship arrived in the bay….

Well I am guessing that there may be just a few more folks at the fort and in town than we expected today! Even getting a wifi connection will be a challenge today!

Then last but not least this Pirate ship showed up …. So now the plan is to find my black eye patch and pirate hat because it will be easier to join them than fight them!

We will hike to the fort tomorrow! 

Our plans are to leave Les Saintes on Friday Nov 30 to return to Deshaies and then on to Falmouth Harbour, Antigua on Saturday. The weather forecast for Sunday afternoon and all of next week is for North-east winds 15 to 20 knots and sea swells to 10+ feet, which would mean an uncomfortable upwind sail to Antigua and we try to avoid that kind of sailing as much as possible.

Next stop will be to fly back to Montreal to see family and friends for Christmas ........please no snow storms or bitter cold ......


  1. Great post and great pics. Keep them coming!!! Rich Azar (SV Tango).

  2. Well maybe a bit of snow and Lots of cold await you