Our 2002 Hylas 46

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Our continuing travels south....

Left Portsmouth, Dominica at 4AM for Fort de France, Martinique. 2 reefs in the main and genoa. A bumpy ride as the 10 to 15 foot swells or waves came from the side in the open ocean. The autopilot was NOT happy so had to hand steer for 5 ½ hours - a workout indeed. Even behind Martinique we had steady 25 knots and gusts to 33! Anchored at 1:30PM at Fort de France. Off to clear into customs and make ourselves legal! Both Cassiopee and Cafe Latte were waiting for us in the bay - they threw a nice 5 รก 7 for us! More like a dinner party that started at 5 and just kept on going! First time we have seen Jean and Yolene since our wedding last August! 

With a rented car all 6 of us headed off to near St Pierre for a hike along a water canal - awesome. Canal de Beauregard  was built in 1760 / 70  to provide fresh water for a rum distillery in the region. At some points it is a straight drop down 100 meters – I realized that yup, I do have a ting of vertigo – no railings and a path that is at best 15 or 20 inches wide at some spots.

Moved the boat to Anse Mitan to get away from rolling by the ferries in Fort de France. Where I promised everyone a wonderful Sunday brunch at a resort. I even went in early to make sure it was available. Showed up at 10:30 Sunday morning just as they were clearing up! Apparently I understood brunch and the resort understood breakfast – big difference! Our little troupe headed off to find food. Lots of choices in Anse Mitan and we grabbed a little snack and then waited for a great lunch – all is not lost and we went home full!

Invited on board Caffe Latte for sundowners, a great evening – I never knew that Jean had so much talent with a guitar -  wow he plays very well! The singers were good too even if they struggled with the lyrics!

Sailed from Ste Anne to Rodney Bay St Lucia - finally a beautiful sail. Cleared customs in at IGY Marina which is a major installation.

View of Rodney Bay from our hike

The fruit and veggie vendor in the harbour! 

Hiked the National Park - first hill is simple 2nd is a lot tougher but the views were spectacular. Again first of the English / French battling each other of island supremacy so many years ago.

Last bit of shopping and back on board.

This yacht took all the fuel! 

Motored early morning to Marigot Bay where we picked up a mooring ball US$30 per night (US$45 if we were in the dock) and it gives us use of all the amenities at Capella Marina! After a few hours of puttering around we get a swim in at the infinity pool! Sweet!!!

Cleared out of customs. Wanted fuel however a 160 foot MY emptied their tanks!

A little infinity pool

Capella Marina

Up at 4:30 AM for a sail to Bequia - dark and raining ugh. Rained 90% of the time to Bequia.

St Lucia -Pitons

A little more of the Pitons

Walk about after clearing Customs. Filled up with fuel from a fuel barge  OUCH! EC$17.50 per gallon or Cdn $8.50 per gallon!! 

The weather is expected to be nasty in Bequia so we follow Rodignard out to Tobago Cays. A five hour run under motor all the way. Wind instruments fail along the way - *&^%.

Tabago Cays behind the reef is awesome. Winds are strong but no waves. 

Spent time on the phone with Garmin to troubleshoot the wind instrument - no continuity in the cable. Either the cable is chafed or the instrument is defective. 

Caught up with our friends jean-Claude and Nathalie on Unity – so good to see them again! Did a lobster beach BBQ with Unity and Rodignard - wow! 

Up the mast early this morning pulled the mast cable up and out, removed the instrument. 

Back on deck, checked out the cable - all seems fine. Test each wire and continuity is good - not the cable. Look at the unit and notice there is electrical tape on the little wire - removed the tape  - the guys that reattached all the wiring in Annapolis nicked the cable with an exacto knife and just covered it up. Corrosion finally did the wire in. With help from Rodignard, soldered a new wire in place tested - All works. Back up the mast and install a working unit - life is good! Took advantage of the birds eye view to get a few shots!

Motored to Mayreau - the anchorage ar Tabago Cays was getting crazy with charter boats piling one on top of each other as well as on us. Kite boarders flying through the anchorage. Only 5 boats in Mayreau - Saline Bay. Much better and calmer.

Little Church in Mayreau

Off for a walkabout - blew the dinghy landing in big surf - filled the dinghy up with water and sand and oh yes … my cell phone was in my pocket - a burial at sea. ^%$#*&.

Finished the day off with purchasing a live 4 LB lobster - a monster! An awesome dinner.

Robert Righteous and the Youth Bar and Restaurant
Lazy Goat

A quick motor 4 miles to Union Island to clear out of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Lots of mooring balls EC$60 per night plus a EC410 tip for the boat boy to help us get tied up. Customs and Immigration are great here, polite and friendly!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are really being tested with the weather, but you sure are making the best of the situation while recuperating with 5a7's. Thanks for the detail , it makes it real . Take care