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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Back to being a Vacation

After all the work of putting Ambition back together and making her our winter home, we have finally left the marina. 
Our next step is to get the watermaker up and running to refill our main 140 gallon water tank. We never mix water from the dock with the water that we make on board, as there is a risk of damaging the membrane in the watermaker. In the bay at Jolly Harbour is the perfect spot to make sure all is well. 
Good news, watermaker is up and running after a 9 month storage which is great news. Checked out of Antigua Customs so we are all ready to leave. 

This home is now finished after 3 years work!

Now we NEED to go sailing. Jan 15this our first day back under sail and what a beautiful day to start our winter vacation. Anchor is up at 7AM and we sailed all the way to Deshaies at the north west corner of Guadeloupe. This is a bout a 55 mile romp through the waves and with the wind on our beam, we hustled right along. 

8 Knots is always a good toot!

Feels SOOO good to be sailing again

The afternoon brought us a whole bunch of squalls and for the really black ones, we reduced sail as there is a risk of heavy wind gusts although today that wasn’t the case. Just a fresh water rinse for Ambition. 
A squall line.....

We were lucky to find a good spot to anchor as often if it is crowded, the only spots left are in 40 or 50 feet of water, which is deeper than I prefer. 
Off to clear into French Customs, along with a quick stop for a baguettes, ham and pate. Life is good! 



We were not so lucky with our second day of sailing to get us from Deshaies to Les Saintes - little or no wind as we sailed down the western shore and then as we got to the south western point, as always the wind was 20+ knots and right on the nose - what a surprise!! 

We did have some company today! 

Anyway we were able to get a great mooring ball close to town in Les Saintes. 

This is how I started sailing!!!

Les Saints

Maryse got a chance to try out her fancy boat hook that lets her pass a line through the loop on the top of the mooring ball without having to lie on her belly on the deck to reach down and catch the mooring ball. It works FANTASTIC – we have a winner! 


We will be here for 4 nights until we have to head to Pointe a Pitre.

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