Our 2002 Hylas 46

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rose Island

February 13th 2015
Bed was so comfy we stole an extra 30 minutes and lifter the anchor at 2AM. The weather forecast was to have NW winds this morning – well that didn’t come as expected so we are still motoring into a light SW breeze in the darkness but with a beautiful moon providing almost a lit highway to follow! We pass the exit point off the Bahamas Bank and into the Tongue of the Ocean – water depth within 4 miles changes from 20 feet deep to 6000 feet deep! No fear of touching the bottom here! As the morning progresses, the wind slowly makes its shift to NM by 8AM but with the wind behind up and not very strong, we will not make our destination by sail only – tried opening the genoa to give me the illusion of sailing but after a couple hours of it flopping around, rolled it up and added throttle. No action with either of the fishin’ sticks today. Good thing Maryse has other food in the freezer – my fishing skills wouldn’t feed the family!
The tiny cut between Rose Island and Rose Island rocks was “interesting” the ocean waves of 5 to 7 feet were now pushing from behind. As the depth decreased from a few hundred feet to just 15 feet the waves grew in height and started breaking. Call me Captain Concentrated as I tried to not let Ambition get pushed sideways – would not have been good! Didn’t know I could hold my breath that long but the waves flattened out once through the cut and we quickly made for the little bay on the south side of Rose Island, anchored and fired up the BBQ for the first time …. Cold beer and a BBQ dinner – this is really good!

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