Our 2002 Hylas 46

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bahamas continue to delight us....

Wow …. Clara is such a beautiful little girl ….. we are all blessed with her arrival in the family! Got to spend time with her and Cedrick as well as my Mom – 4 generations of the family together is a very special treat! 

We also surprised Maryse’s dad by showing up with lunch in hand – he did not even know that we were in town – he was a happy man to see Maryse.

Back on board we were happy to find that the problems we have been having with the fridge have been resolved – the 12V connections to the 3/4HP compressor motor were loose causing the breaker to trip. Cold beer and ice cubes for rum is a MUST and we are now back in business!

Our last guests for the season arrived on the 10th and we had a week of fantastic weather – some great sailing days and some with a little less wind than we wanted but hot and sunny every day. 

It is becoming very obvious that many winter cruisers have already headed home, the anchorages have less boats and even at Exuma Park there are no problems getting a mooring in the north field at Warderick Wells.

Well the week wouldn’t be complete without breaking something – this time it is the electric motor for the windlass that has started to act up – the old trick of tapping it with a metal bar got it to work again. Just not sure how long it will stay operational – lifting 100 feet of chain plus the anchor off the bottom by hand, is not a task Maryse and I want to do! Will try to tough it out until we get back to the US, to replace the motor with a new one and get the old one repaired, if possible to have as a spare.

Maryse had a special event this week also …. she earned her Girl Guides Achievement badge for Toilette Maintenance – I will spare you the details but she did succeed well!!! Next to having cold beer and ice cubes – a functioning toilette is a must have item!

We are heading off to wander around the Exumas for a couple of weeks on our own before turning the boat northward to St. Augustine for the engine repairs.

Spring has definitely arrived here as the daytime temperatures are getting much warmer and humid. Once I unclogged the plugged water intake, the air conditioning is back working ….. ahhhh a great relief for sleeping at night. Captain gets cranky when short on sleep!

Life is still good in the Bahamas!!!

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