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Monday, April 3, 2017

Fort de France - Anse Mitan

This is an absolutely delightful bay on the southern side of the bay of Fort de France. The guide book indicated that the best anchorage was in front of what used to be the Meridian Hotel – of which nothing but the beach remains. This is a GREAT thing for the locals and the yachties as well as it gives a wonderful beach access as well as providing us with a dinghy dock (albeit a rudimentary one!) so that we can pop into town.

This little town is overshadowed by 2 large resorts, but that is not necessarily a bad thing – more about that in a bit. There is a beautiful main street lined with very neat buildings housing boutiques and restaurants and on the weekend the town and the beach is alive with locals coming over from Fort de France and if there is a cruise ship in the city then that adds to the crowds a little..

With the crew of Unity Nat and Jean-Claude, we took advantage of one of the resorts for a fantastic buffet breakfast – 25 euros per person and I can say that I certainly did my best to make it worthwhile – omelets, sweet crepes with cane sugar syrup with a touch of rum, bacon bacon bacon, ( somehow a little of that rum syrup made it onto the bacon mmmm) sausages, fresh juices, cheese oh yes …. French bread and more French bread – a melt in your mouth croissant…… all this ended up with a little waddle back to the boat . yes … nap time followed soon after …. Life is good with a full belly!

We stayed here for 4 days enjoying a couple of restaurants, walkabouts and also a super laundromat – 16 euros per BIG load washed, dried, folded and ready for pick-up. 

Ended up spending four days here and enjoyed every minute.

Left Anse Mitan in search of water and fuel. Motored over to a new (within the last 12 months) marina called Z’Abricot  N14.35.730 W061.02.532 – on my Garmin chart it is a swamp! The fuel and water dock is actually about 300 yards south of the marina entrance – 10 feet of water right to the dock. Great service and the costs were very reasonable – only 2.75 euros per 100 liters of water!

Once we were all topped up we returned to Fort de France for one night before heading back northward. We had company in the bay – our friends Jacques and Sheila on Northbound were in front of us – great to catch up on their news. Beside us on the other side was a German cruise ship – even the announcements were only in German… yup we were that close! 

Off to St. Pierre to clear out of Martinique then Dominica….

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