Our 2002 Hylas 46

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Waterford to Catskills

We left Waterford at 8AM this morning. And passed through the Federal Lock – a long discussion between the state of NY and the the Federal government as to who should pay for it and operate it. Finally the deciding factor is that the Hudson River is tidal at Trop therefore all tidal waters are Federal jurisdiction not state.

Motored by Albany NY  - the state capital – very impressive buildings 

including the one with the Uhaul truck on the roof!

Some of the homes that we passed along the way have amazingly huge lawns – kind of like painting Mercier bridge – you start at one end and before you finish it is tie to start all over again!

The ride was fast as we had the dropping tide in our favour and we clipped along at 9.0 to 9.25 knots over the bottom even though our speed through the water was only 7.2 knots. Having the tidal flow in your favour is ALWAYS a good thing!!

The lighthouses on the Hudson River are identical in design to the lighthouse on Valour Island and the one that was on Colchester Reef.

We arrived at Riverview Marina at 1:30 PM and they wanted to get out mast up immediately – OK .. lets get it done! One day ahead of schedule – all is good. It was so hot and sticky but we struggled to do everything correctly to make sure that the mast went back up without breaking or damaging anything. It wasn’t  pretty but the got the job done and by 4PM the mast was vertical and standing by itself. It was crazy to see it when they picked it up by the middle and it was curved by a couple feet at each end!!! Sorry we don’t have any pictures as we were so busy making sure everything was good. No time for pics!

The wiring at the mast base still needs to be connected – Ambition’s rat nest!

This is not Shelburne so  few extra hands would have been a major help but we got the job done - Maryse was stressed and I was concerned  (that is British for "alarmed" LOL) –  our very dear friends are taking care of more important stuff than worrying about masts – big hugs to Liliane and Guy - we missed sharing this part of the trip with you but hope to see you in Annapolis guys - love you lots!

We finished the day BRUULEEEE!!! A big day indeed to get the mast back up and standing by itself in a couple of hours. Tomorrow we will get the boom back on, connect he VHF antenna and anchor light and then we can push off the dock heading for New York City.

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