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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The weather improves dramatically

Nov 11

We had a great day on board Ambition today. The winds were light and we needed to motor for the first time this trip but we are back under sail this evening in winds of 10 knots max. The motoring gave us hot water for showers - always a nice treat! Since it was calm we enjoyed our first cold beer since last Thursday mmmmm. We also landed our first mahi mahi of the season - still less than a perfect filet job but most of it made it into the Fridge. The little pieces made it into a great cerviche - thanks to Rox's recipe!

It doesn't get much better than this, especially after being bounced around in 20 foot seas and winds 25 to 30 gusting to almost 40 for two or three days. We are not winning the race but we are still in the pack and having a good time. 695 more miles to reach Tortola and we have more than a few days of very little wind like under 10 knots or less, ahead. We have enough fuel to motor at least 500+ miles. 

Landed our first mahi mahi two days ago ......

FISH ON!!!!!!!

Perfect size to fit in the freezer!
Captain Filet at work!

and the fishin' hook is back in the water today! 

Fishin' hook back in the water!!!

Spi up - looking good!

In true sailing style of getting all sorts of different winds and using ALL our different sail combinations, - today we have 10 knots and the spi is up and pulling us along at 4.5 to 5 knots - I would like to take 7 knots of what we didn't use on the windy days and put it on today! Somehow that just doesn't work! We need to develop an app for the weather gods!

Morning and evening SSB Nets for the Rally

 We are having a great time learning our boat and settling in to dealing with what gets served as wind. Ambition takes care of us. Maryse is doing great too! 

We are in 10th place out of 13 in our class without taking engine hours into consideration and there is a small group of us all together in a lump. We have little hope at catching the Oyster 625 or Dufour 56 but that is fine with us!

Wind disappeared completely yesterday afternoon and couldn't even keep the spi alive! It really has been a trip of all or nothing. It is like putting all the cream cheese on only one little piece of the bagel - I wish the weather gods new how to optimize and equalize!! We need to build them an app.

I have discovered the joys of Dyneema. Amongst other little tasks I taught myself how to eye splice Dyneema line. I replaced my first NOISY metal shackle on the topping lift with a QUIET soft loop! I love this stuff and it is so easy to work with, it is amazing.

Chris Parker says the wind will return in a couple of hours and carry us the rest of the way to BVI with an ETA Monday morning - 318 miles to go....

Nov 13

Just 54 miles to the finish line!!!! Trade winds finally arrived yesterday and east winds at 12 to 18 and only a small swell. Yesterday there ware many squalls - two benefits - a great rinse cycle for Ambition to get rid of her salt crust, two the winds are always higher - down side is the wind may be 20 or 30 degrees off your desired course!

Land ho!!!!

Across the line - 4:13PM 

A little celebration for a great crew!!!

WHAT A RIDE!!!!! Ambition arrived at the dock in Nanny Cay Tortola yesterday evening after crossing the finish line at 4:13 yesterday afternoon - 1316nm in 9 days 2 hours!! We are anxious to see the final standings once all the boats are in port and the calculations have been done to adjust finish times based on motoring penalties.

The sign of a great crossing --- none of the safety or medical supplies were used. We broke nothing on the boat and we have the same crew on board as when we left Portsmouth VA!!!!!

The fantastic team from the Arc 1500 Rally were on hand to welcome us wit rum punch and arrival gifts - thanks Isabelle, Mia, Lyle and Jake - you guys are an amazing team!!

YESSS we did it!!!

Great crew!!!!

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