Our 2002 Hylas 46

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Annapolis MD to Portsmouth VA

We since we got most of the absolute must do items off the to do list it was time to pull out of Annapolis after a 3 week stay. M-Yacht completed the headstay attachment point fix and got the rig is all tuned up. WOW it has never been anywhere as tight as is now. I am anxious to sail it and see what difference in performance we discover.

By Wednesday morning I received a new Garmin chart plotter and installed it. Maryse and I ran through all the tests that the technician left us with and everything proved good to go! I can’t believe our luck of finding that both of the chart plotters were defective.

We left Annapolis Wednesday October 26 with a very nasty weather forecast for Thursday afternoon. Since we need to go south … the wind will be by Thursday afternoon 25 to 30 knots right out of the south! On the Chesapeake Bay that makes for some very choppy and short (read UNCOMFORTABLE) waves. By 4PM we are near Solomon’s MD and we both decided we would rather do an overnight run, than sit for a day or two and wait for better weather. 


I think I have a hundred similar shots - all beautiful...

We continued down the bay – by 1AM the wind was already 15 knots and that made the ride a little bumpy.  

It is really interesting how for an hour or two there is absolutely no traffic what so ever ,then as we approach a narrow area of the bay, there are two tugs towing barges coming right at us, a motor yacht passing us and a cargo boat approaching from the rear! Time to get out of everyones way ....

Just before sunrise we slowed the boat down so as not to arrive too early in Portsmouth. As we reached the channel that goes from the entrance of the Chesapeake to Norfolk we were in competition with US Navy Warship #18 as she approached from the sea towards Norfolk. I was curious to see what the radar image was for such a large ship – WOW – the buoys in the channel  gave back a much larger image on the radar screen than an entire warship! That is amazing!

By 9:30 we were already in Ocean Yacht Marina – the home base of the ARC 1500 Rally. We refueled Ambition and tied up in our slip.  A washdown of the boat to get the salt water off her and a wonderful afternoon nap almost completed our day!

The marina is on the Elizabeth River and across from the marina is a few other boats - all in for refit and repair .....

We scooted out for an early dinner and off to bed early – we have very busy days ahead.

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