Our 2002 Hylas 46

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In and around St Martin

We did get around St Martin a bit and here are a few photographs of some of the stuff we found…..

We got energetic and took a hike to Fort Louis that overlooks Marigot Bay on the French side.  It give an impressive view across  the French and Dutch sides.

Right below is Marina Fort Louis for all the super yachts and where James and Chantal found their beautiful  sailboat now called Q !!!

My friend Peter K, as a musician is often using the expression “Bada Bing”  … well I always thought it was just what musicians say, but I now understand that he was just advertising his “other business interests” …. Check the small print on the wall! You devil Peter…. We never would have guessed!

For our family members that have for years have had a passion for water skiing and wakeboarding I found a great boat for them – although it probably couldn’t make much of a wake for wakeboarding ….. I suspect it would be way more than enough for water skiing behind! Attache ta touque!!!!!

The whole time we were in the Lagoon we were anchored beside an a little hill – always was a good reference to see if we had dragged anchor or not …. The delightful name of this hill you ask….. Witches Tit!

We came across a this …. Hey Mckenna what are you doing in Vietnam when your boat is here in St Martin?

Some days a little afternoon nap is very inviting and necessary!

and he is GONE!!!

Not all evening have great sunsets but this one sure was worth dragging the camera out for!

The largest of Roman Abramovitch's yachts - Eclipse - crew of only 70!

Were not the only ones in town .... here is a picture of the biggest one in the anchorage - too large to even get into the marina!

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